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so this started as something sort of serious. but that's not what it's going to be at all. i don't know exactly what it'll be yet but there will probably be lots of sketches and stupid videos i find on youtube. but who knows...that might change too...

hey everybody! so mommasami, shatterhead, and i were all at NYCC last weekend and WOW HOLY COW IT WAS AWESOME. i mean, NYCC has been awesome every other year i’ve been, but this time…just wow. it was literally amazing.

to show how amazing it was HERE HAVE SOME PICTURES!! feel free to tag yourselves, and like our page too! we promise, our cosplays are only gonna get cooler from here on out ; )

NYCC 2014 - the whole weekend

AvatarNYCC Saturday Shoot/Impromptu Post Korra Panel Shoot

(and some more Impromptu Post Korra Panel Shoot pics if you scroll down a little)

Saturday FMA Shoot

Heavily contemplating bird jesus for when I get around to a pokemon cosplay (and a better version of this for a button…) #inktober



There’s a lovely old English myth that if someone who truely loved and trusted the werewolf called it by name that it would turn back to human.

Others include throwing their human clothes at it and it’d turn back but that’s a bit less romantic

Put of your fucking underwear, Marcus!

shatterhead for boca?? : D

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Or is this one better haallpppp what is drawing anyways #inktober

What are proper light sources anyways #inktober #journey

Casually curls up like this cat and goes to sleep #inktober

The sky clearly knows my love for architecture #nofilter #nophotoshop #architecture #nyc


The fuck is going on right now

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That moment when Korra connects to the Avatars again and Samurai Jack is just standing there like what up #inktober


so many abemihs …… im sorry..

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